Frequently Asked Questions
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Is water with ionized Copper in it safe to drink?

Yes! In fact, if you look at the label on your multiple vitamin bottle, you'll see that 2 milligrams is the recommended minimum daily value amount of copper.

Can I drink too much Copper water?

Only by drowning! You would have to drink 2.64 gallons of water per day, (42.3 eight ounce glasses of water), just to get 100% of your minimum daily value amount requirement of copper.

Is Copper good for my plants?

Yes. Copper is good and necessary for your plants. Hydroponic farms add much higher doses of Copper to their nutrient solutions than we do.

What does the EPA say about Copper in drinking water?

The EPA's Maximum Contaminant Level Goals (MCLG) are desirable, non-enforceable, health-based goals established to assure a safe water supply. Water containing any chemical in an amount equal to or below its MCLG is not expected to cause any health problems, even over a lifetime of ingestion. The current MCLG for copper in drinking water is 1.30 ppm (parts per million). Your CFWS Whole House System is designed to maintain your drinking water at between 0.15 and 0.20 ppm, just 13% of the EPA's MCLG.

Is this a water softener?

No. Water softeners use salt (either sodium chloride or potassium chloride) to create sodium or potassium ions which exchange with the calcium ions in the calcium carbonate suspended in the water, thus removing the "hard" part of the water. Our system changes suspended calcium carbonate into calcium bi-carbonate, which can then precipitate or fall out of solution. Small amounts of water spotting may occur, but are easily wiped or rinsed away.

What are the service requirements and/or expendables?

Based on your water's hardness and other factors, the plates will need cleaning once or twice a year. The copper plates will need replacement every three to five years, every one to three years for pool/spa, depending on usage. The titanium plates do not wear out and should never need replacement.

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