Ever notice how the water is always crystal clear in a wishing well? That's because of the natural ions given off from the pennies and dimes people toss in. The pioneers used copper and silver coins in their water barrels to keep their water fresh and safe to drink. It is the harnessing of this time-tested natural process that allows CL Free Water Systems to stand alone in the water treatment industry. Often copied but never duplicated, our proprietary electronic system is the most reliable and efficient in the industry.

"We don't need bottled water anymore"

Imagine a home water treatment system with no salt, potassium, or high filter replacement costs. Imagine pool and spa water that is chlorine and salt free, fresh enough to drink. No more burning eyes, bleached hair or costly chlorine to purchase and store. CL Free Water Systems is dedicated to quality and the highest degree of service in the water treatment business.

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