Whole House Water Treatment System General Information

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Fresh filtered water to every tap in your house. The system descales your pipes, hot water heater, faucets, dishwasher and shower heads. It eliminates hard water deposits by keeping the calcium in the bicarbonate form. It also kills bacteria (E-coli, Pseudomonas, etc.).


The water first passes through an oxidation ionization chamber. This chamber has one set of titanium plates and one set of copper plates. When water is running, the unit energizes the plates. The titanium and copper plates oxidize the organic compounds in the water, kill bacteria, and burn up organic impurities (things that cause your water to smell and taste bad). In other words, it sanitizes and freshens your water.

The water then goes through a large activated carbon filter. The standard system filter is sized to treat approximately one million gallons of water, enough to last an average family five or more years. The activated carbon removes odors, chlorine, metals, chemicals, impurities, and bad taste. The filter is maintenance free. It automatically backwashes and recycles itself at night whenever the preset amount of water usage or elapsed time has occurred.

Whole House System POE-112-C-04

Whole House System POE-111-G-0

Click HERE for Detailed Information on Whole House Water Treatment Systems

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